Frequently asked questions

What is Merino?

Merino is a breed of fine-fleeced sheep. They differ from other breeds of sheep by high quality of teased hair from the withers of a sheep, consisting of thin (15-25mk) soft fibers. Yes, yes, it is expensive! High quality Merino is teased, and not cut!

Merino yarn is antibacterial. It never causes allergies or irritations on the skin. Moreover, since it is a natural material it absorbs or neutralizes any toxins.

Got caught by a rain in our Merino onesie? No worries!

Merino wool is very hygroscopic material (can absorb up to 30% of its own weight). If it gets slightly wet, it will continue to warm your baby.

Merino can not be pricked. If you experience discomfort in wearing, then you do not have a natural Merino wool, probably just a wool which is several times cheaper.

The natural properties of Merino provide a comfortable feeling during cool winter season as well as autumn and spring coolness. You child cannot get too warm or too cold in Merino Wool clothes as it regulates the body temperature.

Quality Merino is very thin, its fiber is thinner than a human hair, a thread is slightly springy, elastic and wet garments have a characteristic smell, a confirmation that the thread is natural.

Merino is more expensive than usual. Other types of fibers are added to it sometimes in order to reduce the cost of it.

With proper care, your beautiful Merino clothes can last for many years without losing its original appearance.

What are the care instructions?

Here are our care reccomendations for Merino onesies:

- hand wash in cool water, with the temperature no higher than 30 degrees;
- do not use bleach;
- use the detergent for delicate items;
- do not use dryer;
- dry horizontally on flat surface;
- do not dry on any kind of heaters;
- do not wash in the washing machine.

Preferably, our onesies should be stored folded on the shelf rather than on hangers.

If you follow these simple instructions your item will last in a good looking condition for many years